The cuts that we commonly have available at Something Wild are:

  • Wallaby Fillet
  • Wallaby Leg
  • Wallaby Steak

7 reasons why you should try wallaby:

1. It it uniquely Australian and is perfect with other native ingredients such as Bush Tomato, Desert Raisins and Juniper Berries
2. It has a rich delicate flavour with a milder flavour when compared to Kangaroo and is consistently tender.
3. It is good for you with Wallaby being low in fat and cholesterol and high in minerals and protein.
4. It is on the menu of some of the country’s top chefs which indicates the growing popularity of Wallaby.
5. There are a number of different cuts to choose from which allows you to use your preferred cooking method. Wallaby Fillet or Steak is perfect for the BBQ and Wallaby Leg is perfect to roast.
6. It is easy to cook and is similar to cooking lamb. 
7. It is ethically harvested by professional shooters without stress which ensures a high quality and tasty product.