Leon Davis

Leon Davis | Native Greens Manager

Leon is a proud Noongar man from the Balladong region of WA. 

You may recognise Leon from his days as an AFL superstar from Collingwood where he was kicking goal after goal for 11years. Leon joined the Something Wild team in June 2017 as our Native Greens Manager, where he leads the team of Something Wild harvesters.

We interrupted his karkalla harvesting for a couple of quick questions 

What were you doing before starting work at Something Wild Australia?
Before starting at SWA I was working with As One Nyitting doing culturally specific programs for First Nation youth in detention and in the wider community throughout the Perth region. Teaching our culture through programs such as these, we helped young kids to live a more positive lifestyle. 

What were your reasons for moving to Adelaide?
I moved to Adelaide predominantly to be closer to my children Shakari who is 14 and Levi who just turned 11 and Shontay who lives in Melbourne. Being closer has allowed me to spend more time with them which has been really great to share everyday experiences with them. 

What do you enjoy about your role at Something Wild?
I have a great team, to be able to provide employment for our First Nations people is something that holds SW at the forefront of the community. The type of cultural work and support we provide to the team of workers makes sure that going to work daily is enjoyable and a learning experience each and every day. 
We have great fun out harvesting, we come across a few snakes out there but the boys walked on one recently and took off running pretty fast! We didn’t want to go back to where we saw it after that!

What is your favourite native food?
Definitely kangaroo cooked by my Father Trevor, along with damper cooked by my mother Nancy. It’s always good to get home and share a feed with the family and share stories around the fire. 

Something Wild has become a family-affair for you…
Quandongs are everywhere back home in WA we find them on my brother in laws country where we do a lot of cultural activities with the family. Since we do a lot with quandongs at Something Wild I offered to organise my family back home to go picking and supply quandongs as well as other native berries and greens which will be beneficial to everyone involved.
Aside from supplying SW it gives my family a great opportunity to get out on country and enjoy the amazing culture we have. 
Back here in SA my son Levi also loves coming out with us to help harvesting.

We, as First Nations Australians, have the oldest living culture in the world. It’s so pleasing to be out constantly learning as well as teaching parts of our culture to the wider community. Being able to share native foods and experiences is so important, not only my own people but to all Australians.
The greens we provide and the foods we offer are only the tip of the iceberg - it’s only going to get bigger and better as we all learn about foods that were part of what is proven to once have been one of the most balanced diet ever.

Of course it’s not only the traditional foods but our culture as a whole which is so amazing. I urge anyone and everyone to try and experience and understand the amazing culture that’s in our very back yard.