About Us

Something Wild specialises in a range of Indigenous Foods, Open Range Game meats and native herbs and spices.

Located at Stall 55 in the Adelaide Central Market, Something wild is a must visit destination to experience true Australian outback products available right in the heart of Adelaide. Our major focus is on 100% Natural Kangaroo meat, other meats we specialise  including Wild Boar, Goat, Rabbits, Crocodile, Wild and Farmed Venison, Buffalo and many more specialty products including native herbs and spices.

At Something Wild we are at the forefront of supplying Indigenous food to restaurants and consumers around Australia. We have built strong relationships with Indigenous communities giving us the privilege of being able to promote and supply unique produce from one of the world’s oldest cultures. Not only does this provide our customers with the opportunity to experience these products that celebrate Indigenous culture, but it also provides positive opportunities and outcomes for many rural Indigenous communities.

All our kangaroo meat is 100% natural, completely free from antibiotics, chemicals, growth hormones or any artificial intervention – making it the ultimate free range and organic meat! Consumers can be assured it is a safe meat to eat, processed to comply with strict Australian and Export standards. The many health and environmental benefits of eating kangaroo meat have contributed to the popularity of this super natural meat, over the last decade seeing it move from the fine dining restaurant table to the dinner table of thousands of families across Australia.

Producing a range of fresh cuts, such as premium 98% fat free kangaroo steaks and fillets, as well as a variety of marinated meats which are ready for the BBQ. Using quality ingredients, Australian Native herbs and spices give a unique taste to these healthy meats.

We supply the Restaurant / Food Service Industry

Something Wild supplies the food service industry including restaurants, caterers, 5 star hotel chains and airlines. Please call our Sales Manager on 0418 742 981
for more information.